Counterpoint (2).

Strict species counterpoint: Eberhard Faber Microtomic HB, ca. 1965; Carl Decade 100 sharpener.
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7 Responses to Counterpoint (2).

  1. Kevin says:

    Most pencil bloggers seem to own this sharpener. I’ve been trying for more than a year to get my hands on one, without success. Is there a secret source?. My desires have been somewhat muted though after purchasing the KH-20 from Mitsubishi, which also has a stellar reputation, but I have found to be very disappointing. It doesn’t sharpen to a needle point, rather blunt actually and although it produces a “long point” (it’s nearly all wood) the exposed lead cone is unusually short, hopeless for side shading. Back to the “barrel biting” Carl Angel-5 which produces superb points at the expense of a sad, bitten pencil. We desperately need more articles on sharpeners…the real weak point of my pencil addiction.


    • Sean says:

      The KH-20 was a disappointment for me, too. I don’t know a lot about sharpeners, but my two favorites are the Carl (thanks PencilTalk!) and the small handheld Graf von Faber-Castell sharpener. However, that list may be expanding to Möbius+Rupert in the near future. 🙂


      • Gunther says:

        I am very sure that the list will be expanding in this direction 😉 To me, the products of M+R are excellent and the pinnacle of sharpener production. I haven’t found a single fault in their products yet; besides that, they are sold at a very good price.


  2. Gunther says:

    I have bought my DE-100 (well, actually two) at Bundoki. Their website is in Japanese, but they also take orders via email. – I am disappointed with the KH-20 too and regret its purchase.


    • Kevin says:

      Thanks Gunther, I check Bundoki and the english Bundoki site on a regular basis and the Decade-100 has been sold out for a long time now. It is also out of stock on the Carl Hong Kong site. I’m beginning to think it has been discontinued. Perhaps the Bungu Ryodo BR-5 is the one Carl are trying to market.


      • Gunther says:

        You’re welcome, Kevin. I have looked at the Carl website and couldn’t find it either so I have asked them via email. – It would be a pity if this great sharpener was discontinued.


  3. jankdc says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation of the Carl Sharpeners that are on Amazon?


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