Craft Design Technology Pencil

I own a number of wonderful items from Craft Design Technology that I use quite frequently. Over the past few months their products have become increasingly difficult to track down, and that’s a shame.

One of my favorite items made by the company is the Number 17, a light green painted wooden pencil.

I’m told the pencil was made by Pentel — Craft Design Technology has outsourced a number of its products to Pentel in the past — and was part of Pentel’s Black Polymer series. This line was discontinued so it’s no shock that the CDT pencil has itself become rare.

The pencil uses a polymer lead which is smooth writing and pleasant to use. If you like it then you’ll have trouble replacing this pencil, but Pentel’s polymer lead is easy to find for mechanical pencils, with their vintage “Hi Polymer” lead being quite easy to find. This is the lead that ships in their iconic rhombus-shaped container.

The Pentel Black Polymer 999 is, of course, one of the rarest and most expensive wooden pencils of all. It’s highly prized by collectors and single pencils regularly sell for close to $30 when they can be found.

The Craft Design Technology item 17 pencil and the Pentel Black Polymer 999 are said to contain “PVC-based” leads with a rare 2.0 mm diameter, so they are not only oddities in the pencil world but are also interesting writers. The CDT 17, for a time, was a great way to stealthily buy a Black Polymer pencil, but those days have long past.