Hoping 339 is My Lucky Number

Pro Tools is able to keep track of the number of times you attempt to record something. Each “take” is successively numbered, and this information is displayed on the region’s waveform.

Most of the time, with the sort of pre-production work I’m currently doing, it’s just a matter of a few takes to capture the right performance. Other times, several additional passes are required as I’m testing-out new ideas for a part. Every once in a while, finding the right part takes a scosh longer:

That’s right. 338 times. And that spot is only 16 bars long (still not happy with that part yet, either).

I wish I could say it was the bass’s fault but, unfortunately, it’s the bassist.

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2 Responses to Hoping 339 is My Lucky Number

  1. Kenneth Goodenough says:

    Did you find your lucky number by now, Sean?


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