Desk Necessities

ca. 1907

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4 Responses to Desk Necessities

  1. Kevin says:

    Another classic EF set. It seems they really set the standard for this sort of thing.


    • Sean says:

      And there were so many of them (as you’ll soon see). When’s the last time you saw a pencil set from a company that had a variety of different blacklead pencils (not just different grades of the same line)?


      • Kevin says:

        The only time I can recall recently was a “bit of a fudge”, with a Staedtler Tradition full set of ten and added to with 7B and 8B Lumographs to make up a dozen set.


      • Michael says:

        For many people “desk” = “smart phone” so I doubt there’s a market for such sets now.


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