FCflutPhoto: Faber-Castell

Torrential rains in Central Europe have caused unprecedented flooding, with parts of Austria having received as much as two months’ worth of rain in a just a few days. Faber-Castell’s factory in Engelhartszell, Austria (pictured above), situated approximately 18 ft. above the Danube river, has been flooded. From a Faber-Castell press release:

We have successfully rescued the most expensive parts of the machinery and moved them to upper levels prior to the loss of electricity at the site. Our staff, firefighters and additional support personnel have worked hard to pump out the water and are working constantly to clear any damage to the factory. We are not sure at the moment when we will be able to start manufacturing at the site again, but fortunately there is a good stock of products manufactured in Engelhartszell which are stored in our distribution center in Frauenaurach (near Nuremberg, Germany). We do not therefore anticipate any delivery problems.

Our thoughts are with everybody affected by the flooding in Central Europe and we send out a big thank you to the many people helping!

Similar to the floods in the American Midwest, the cresting Danube will continue to cause problems downriver. The Associated Press reports that Budapest will see the Danube rise approximately 31 feet in their downtown area.

Along with the recent tornado victims in America, thoughts go out to those affected by the severe weather in Central Europe.

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