Anniversaries (2)


A pewter plate marking the 222nd anniversary of Faber-Castell. Why 222? As Matthias explained on Bleistift it is an example of Schnapszahle, or “repdigits”— a quality that is sometimes favored and emphasized in German-speaking countries. The plate measures approximately 5 inches in diameter.

There was also a limited edition set of “Jubilator” pencils for the same year.


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2 Responses to Anniversaries (2)

  1. Matthias says:

    A very nice find.
    Giving these pewter plates and also mugs as gifts used to be very common and it wasn’t too difficult to find a plate or mug with a local theme you could then get engraved. The fact that the plate is Nuremberg specific and uses a non-FC font makes me think they just send someone to the pewter shop around the corner to get some plates done for some of their good customers.


    • Sean says:

      Thanks, Memm.

      I had a similar thought — that perhaps it was part of a catalog of similar items. I wonder if, as you mentioned, they were made for customers or for employees (or both).

      It’s too bad there wasn’t a commemorative tin (with a dozen pencils) for the 250th anniversary, like there was for the 222nd—perhaps even with the pencils having an old version of the logo, etc. There were some very nice collections of artists’ pencils though.


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