Mongol Monoplane ca. 1917


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6 Responses to Mongol Monoplane ca. 1917

  1. Sean says:

    I have to call shenanigans on the first picture though: By what miracle of lift is this wingless pencil-plane staying aloft?


    • Gunther says:

      It’s the wondrous anti-graphitational force.


      • Sean says:

        !!! 🙂 Or a lead-itation device (Leddytation device?)

        It looks like a missed opportunity to call the girl who is flying the plane “Ruby”.

        BTW, are you aware of the Dornier Do 17 aircraft from the Second World War? Due to its shape, it was called the Fliegender Bleistift.


  2. Gunther says:

    Welcome aboard Dowdy Airlines Flight № 2 to New York! 😉

    ♫ Ruby, don’t take your lead to town … ♫

    No, I haven’t heard of the “Fliegender Bleistift” before – thank you for making me aware of it!


  3. Jeff Bezos’s drones can’t hold a candle to these mighty machines. I would like all my Amazon purchases delivered by flying Mongols.


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