I don’t know when these dry highlighter pencils from Graf von Faber-Castell were discontinued, but they appeared in their 1993 inaugural catalog:


Just as with their premium desk pencils the ends are capped and silver-plated, but a small plastic band which indicates the highlighter color is included as well. The precision fit of the barrel, band, and cap is remarkable (I’d be interested to know how this was accomplished in the production line):


Though there was no colored-pencil line from GvF-C (i.e. an artists’ line) that I know of, there was one other set of colored pencils, which were indelible/document pencils. But like this set, they are difficult to come by.


For those who might be interested, there is a new 44-minute documentary about Faber-Castell available here.

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7 Responses to Trockentextmarkierer

  1. Matthias says:

    Now that you started collecting these you’ll have to find the short version, too 8^)
    Congratulations on getting your hands on some of these!


  2. Hello, I loved the post! I was trying to find that documentary about Faber-Castell with English subtitles, but couldn’t find it. Do you perhaps know where it could be found? I am buying the set above next week! I found it in a really small stationary shop and since they had them for a really long time I guess, they are even half-off. Can’t wait. šŸ™‚


    • Sean says:

      Thanks, Tana.

      I don’t know of a version of the Faber-Castell documentary with English subtitles. You can turn on the German captions (and even download the captions as an XML file) and run them through online translation software, though that’s a bit of work to do. Who knows, maybe if there is enough interest perhaps the television station that filmed it or Faber-Castell might provide a version with subtitles; I would bet that no small number of English-speakers would be interested in watching it.


  3. Thanks anyway and keep up the good work! šŸ˜‰


  4. Hi again! I finally got my hands on this lovely set. I absolutelly love it and it’s killing me that I can’t start using it before a friend does a few good photos of it. I have to say my set looks a tiny bit different though: The box is green (I would say Castell 9000 shade) and has a less ribbed structure. The text on the front in written in only two lines, not three (so the words “Trockentextmarkierer, lang” are written togheter in the second line). It therefore seems that my set is from another series (Im not sure if this is the correct expression, but English is not my mother tounge). Could you perhaps tell me what year my set was made in? I could also send you a few photos if you give me your e-mail, in case you are building some kind of Faber-Castell archive. šŸ™‚ Thanks!


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