Assortments (2)


From 1914-1915

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2 Responses to Assortments (2)

  1. The circus display is so reminiscent of the Animal Crackers box. Coincidence? A blatant appeal to children?


    • Sean says:

      I wonder. There were so many of these countertop displays—the catalog numbers of the ones pictured above are already in the 400s. Yet while the displays had a theme, the pencils didn’t comport to them per se. In other words, EF was selling quality items in them (the Mongol is front and center in each illustration), but I don’t think that mattered as much to the kids as it did to the parent who was paying for them. I guess it comes down to whether a shiny new pencil used to be as attractive an impulse item to a kid as candy bar or a pack of gum is today; it’s nice to think it was.


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