Bleistifting in Bratislava

After waiting more than an hour for this music store in the historic district of Bratislava, Slovakia to reopen, I had to move on empty-handed. Perhaps I’ll find some manuscript paper elsewhere.


However, a few doors down there was a small shop with this interesting item:


I’m not sure if this a decommissioned Soviet-era pencil launcher, or a repurposed pencil holder. Either way, it puts an entirely new spin on “pencil fighting”.*


*I’m sorry, but I just cannot bring myself to place the period inside of the quotation marks.



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3 Responses to Bleistifting in Bratislava

  1. Is that ♥︎ BRATISLAVA behind the pencils?

    I admire the reasoning that goes with logical punctuation, but I’m keeping my punctuation “old school.”


    • Sean says:

      Yes, that’s what it says there.

      re: punctuation — this is one particular rule that I apply very inconsistently, which I realize is a bad idea but I can’t seem to stick with one or the other. If the quoted passage is more or less a sentence, it looks OK to me to put the period inside — there is enough of a phrase there, and the period is “operating” on everything. But when it’s a single word or maybe just two words, it’s as if the period has been hijacked. Or maybe, it’s the punctuation equivalent of a privateer.


  2. And with logical punctuation, one is always having to decide which way things should be. I like the consistency of illogical punctuation. Happy travels.


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