Giger Counter

Tucked inside a skate park, and nearby the Centre d’Art Scénique Contemporain in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a small exhibition of works by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger.


There were a handful of original prints and a piece or two of furniture, but that’s about it. Not much to see but it was a surprise encounter and I’m glad to have stumbled upon it. Short on time, I was out and about searching for any music store(s) I could find with the hopes of locating some of my favorite manuscript paper. It’s manufactured in Germany and not available in the U.S. But just like my experience in Bratislava (and in Spálené Poříčí, Czech Republic after that), I arrived at this store 15 minutes after it had closed for the day:


Convinced now that I must be an unwitting participant on some European hidden-camera reality t.v. show, I just assumed that looking for some Canteo notebooks would yield the same results. Walking back though, my disappointment was assuaged upon my (first) glimpse of Lake Geneva. Click the photo below for a larger view:

DSCF0026GAll that Switzerland yielded vis-à-vis pencilry was a four-pack of Caran d’Ache HB pencils, purchased at a gas station.

The following day (today) in Dessel, Belgium, was like most of the others—nothing close enough to explore on foot. Still though, there was work to be done during my downtime and for today at least, an Eberhard Faber Mongol No. 1 worked best—it’s not as dark as I would like but it holds a point very well and the eraser still works. Together with the pencils and paper were some additional helpful tools, such as some Coke, a little bottled (stille) water, and of course some European sugary blue stuff that wasn’t half bad; I can’t vouch for the Sprite.


Later on, I was off to spend a little time with a few of my closest friends:


Now it’s time to venture back to the Ship Grave, for an early flight to Washington then on to L.A. Though I did not come to Europe simply to buy some stationery, it was a near wipeout in that regard. I’m hesitant, then, to mention I hope to spend a few hours at Powell’s bookstore next week as I pass through Eugene then Portland, Oregon, for fear of jinxing it. This time at least, I should be able to get there before they close.

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2 Responses to Giger Counter

  1. memm says:

    What a shame about the shop…
    What did you think about the Coke in Europe? To me the Coke from different bottling plants tastes different, but it must be quite different to Coke from the USA. I read that the American version doesn’t contain sugar but is sweetened with syrup derived from corn, which is very uncommon in Europe (never saw it in a list of ingredients in Europe). Not sure about Sprite in Belgium, but the one in the UK does now contain sugar and Stevia (of Breaking Bad game).


    • Sean says:

      To be honest it all pretty much tasted the same to me. But if you add up the jet lag, irregular eating schedule, and the different kinds of food I was eating, I don’t know if I was up to parsing the finer differences to be found in Coke. I will say, however, that even some of the cheapest chocolate in Europe is far better than much of what you usually find in the U.S.


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