Easting and Northing

In contrast to the recent pencil and manuscript paper drought I experienced in Central Europe, some time spent in the American Northeast has made up for it. While in Rochester I paid a visit to Eastman, and its bookstore:

DSCF0235 DSCF0245

There was a nice variety of manuscript paper, folders, and binders (as well as a nice selection of scores from Henle Verlag):



The Carta 18 x 12 staff paper is nice, not least because it is bound on the left rather than at the top:


Not much by way of pencils but to be perfectly honest, I have plenty of pencils. That didn’t stop me however from picking up this pencil extender from an independent art supply store in New York City:


I like that the handle is made of wood, which is similar to the kind of extenders you’d see from the first half of the twentieth century. Though I prefer the Eberhard Faber Clamp extenders, they are a little too short to handle small stubs like this Van Dyke:


The wood handle feels like you’re holding a wood-cased pencil:


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3 Responses to Easting and Northing

  1. Matthias says:

    The extender looks nice! Is the wood treated?


    • Sean says:

      From what I can tell, yes. It’s also very light in weight but feels very solid. I had to look through about a dozen of them though to find one that was more or less straight — many of them were assembled crooked.


  2. Matthias says:

    Oh, that’s a shame 8^(


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