A.W. Faber Election Pencil 8450


These Election Pencils were made by the American branch of A.W. Faber, and are examples from the larger category of “voting” or “ballot” pencils. What makes it a voting pencil? Probably by virtue of being labeled as such, and being placed near a ballot box. (Borrowing from Wittgenstein then, a pencil’s type is defined by the application of the rules for its use?) One identifying feature found on some voting pencils is a ferrule with a hole in it, allowing for a string or chain to be attached:

DSCF0010Something makes me wonder though: Of all the kinds of pencils that were indelible, wouldn’t voting pencils have benefited from being able to make a more permanent mark?

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2 Responses to A.W. Faber Election Pencil 8450

  1. Gunther says:

    Wow – the triptychon-like arrangement in brilliant, especially with the unsharpness in the outer photos! And +1 for Wittgenstein 🙂


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