“How To Take A Test”

Do you start to panic when you sit down to take a test? Would you like to improve your test scores? Well, in no time this 1956 short from Young America Films should get you turning tests like Tinker to Evers to Chance:

After a long day of successful test-taking at school, wouldn’t it be nice to write cousins Jimmy and Alice a social letter letting them know how well your test-taking is going? This 1950 short from Coronet Instructional Films will show you how easy and rewarding letter-writing can be:

Perhaps a friendly telephone call would be better? You’re in luck because this 1950 short from AT&T will explain the miracle of direct dialing to you, Central Office Names included! (But what pencil is she using?)

NB: There is a very similar but longer version of the same film (the director’s cut?) at the AT&T Archive YouTube channel.

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1 Response to “How To Take A Test”

  1. I jumped at the name Centron (the test-taking film). Centron’s Herk Harvey directed the great Carnival of Souls (1962).

    Jeepers, those kids make letter-writing difficult. Their pen looks to my eyes like a Parker 51. What kind of pencil is Fred the test-taker using?


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