Frankfurt (1)

It was a little rainy and dreary in Frankfurt but with a day off and the Faber-Castell store only a half-mile’s walk from the hotel, some inclement weather wasn’t going to stop me.


Apparently this is one of the flagship stores so it carries just about their full line, including the Graf von Faber-Castell collection. Whether coincidence or not, it was not lost on me that the street this store is on is called Steinweg (Stein Way).

Downstairs is the high-end stuff, including the €10.000 Perfect Pencil:




There is a Graf von Faber-Castell premium color pencil set, with leather trim. And it can all be yours for just €310:


The 2014 Pen of the Year:


Upstairs is the Faber-Castell Collection, but first is this color palette in the stairwell:



There were some non F-C branded writing and coloring pads for sale:


It’s very nice (and tempting) to see all of these things together in one place; I left with my wallet feeling a little lighter.

Not to be outdone though was Noten4U, a local sheet-music store:

DSCF0081Upstairs there was a fine collection of scores and books on music, including a small selection of manuscript paper. Not very much though, however I’m hoping to alleviate that issue in a few days.


Downstairs was every musician’s dream basement: boxes and boxes overflowing with used scores and books on music:

DSCF0074In both of these places I felt a little self-conscious taking photos, even with the kind permission of the owners to do so. In any case, these photos didn’t turn out so well.

Hopefully more from Frankfurt in my next post.

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3 Responses to Frankfurt (1)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, how I love Faber-Castell! Their items are not too easy to find in Italy, but I have come across a few things. I have found many Staedtler items and of course, now have a few of their pencils and sharpeners.


  2. memm says:

    I’ve never seen the premium colour pencil set, but the box looks so nice! That would be a box fitting for a nice pencil collection.


    • Sean says:

      It would be great to get just the case, for keeping and possibly displaying purposes. The leather trim is just like that from their other leather goods, and the box itself has a nice weight to it. The profile is nice and slim, too.


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