Pratteln Sneak-Thief

Be mindful of your french fries in Pratteln, Switzerland:




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7 Responses to Pratteln Sneak-Thief

  1. memm says:

    What a cute thief


  2. Sean says:

    Thanks Matthias and Gunther.

    I don’t know the proper name of the bird (and have made no effort to search and find out), but we’ve decided to call it the “Lesser Pratteln Warbler.” 🙂


  3. memm says:

    A nice name – but the bird looks like a sparrow to me. 8^)


    • Sean says:

      Ahh, yes…the Swiss Sneak Sparrow. Yes indeed. 🙂

      He might think he got off with the prize but the joke’s on him: While I kept him distracted with the food, a few of my buddies were robbing his nest.

      Silly sparrow.


  4. Steven says:

    LBB (little brown bird) may not be approved by Linneaus as proper taxonomy but it does cover many, well, LBBs.

    I’m sure I’d call this one a thief, though. The gulls at Granville Island, here in Vancouver, Canada are sneaks, though. Some perch above exterior exits of the produce market’s food mall waiting to swoop down on people who are a little careless as to how they hold their lunch.


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