Van Dyke Brown. And Blue. And Green…


Of Eberhard Faber’s colored pencils the Mongol line is probably best known, but these are some of the lesser-seen Van Dyke colored pencils:


And while Mongol pencils were designed so that they could blend by using water and a brush (e.g. “Paint With Pencils”), Van Dyke colored pencils were touted as being “weatherproof”.


The cardboard case folds out and can be used like an easel:


Eberhard Faber had a separate line of “waterproof” pencils but I’m not certain whether they came first, or if they were a spin-off from the Van Dyke line. I get the impression that these pencils might have been marketed more to engineers and the like rather than to artists.


I think this set dates back to the ’40s. Since the endcaps are those associated with Mongol pencils (i.e. black with a middle band of gold), I wonder if they were produced long enough to have gotten one with a different design.

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2 Responses to Van Dyke Brown. And Blue. And Green…

  1. Sola says:

    Wow! The colors are so vivid! And they even had pink 🙂 The difference betweeen the Van Dykes and the Mongol water-soluble pencils is very interesting.


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