Passing The Barre Exam


The trees are turning in Wilkes-Barre and neighboring Bear Creek, Pennsylvania, where I recently visited for a few days. This is my third trip but I’m no closer to knowing the definitive pronunciation of “Barre.” It was a little easier to know when to switch to Missourah when I was living in Missouri. The funny thing is, of the three different ways “Barre” is often pronounced none reflect (what I presume to be) its French origins.

I was surprised when a little searching revealed that the “Barre” in Wilkes-Barre comes from an Irishman, called Isaac Barré (1726-1802). Nothing Irish about “Barré”, but his father Peter was a Huguenot who eventually settled in Dublin—French after all.

Speaking of French things, if you happen to visit Wilkes-Barre do yourself a favor and try Le Manhattan Bistro downtown.

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3 Responses to Passing The Barre Exam

  1. memm says:

    After this teaser we want to see more!


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