E. Faber Mongol No. 38


Four flavors of the Eberhard Faber Mongol mechanical pencil No. 38, complete with pocket clips and clamp erasers.

Before the company began selling mechanical pencils, extenders with clamp erasers were paired with Van Dyke and Mongol pencils.

img0481923 Eberhard Faber Co. Catalog

The wood-cased versions of the Mongol pencil line far-outlived their mechanical cousins (the brand itself lasted for more than 80 years), but perhaps the No. 38 was in part an extension of the 1582’s design.


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3 Responses to E. Faber Mongol No. 38

  1. Matthias says:

    The colours make me think of precious stones.
    Are the bodies made of clear plastic? I think they are and the mechanism under it looks rather fascinating.


  2. Patrick says:

    Nice set of Mongol 38s. I have only seen them in really rough condition, those look almost pristine. Were they from a salesman sample? Love those old extenders with the clamp erasers too! Great stuff.


  3. Sean says:

    Matthias and Patrick:
    Something I’ve noticed about EF products made of plastic (some as recent as the 70s) tend to end up warped in some way. I don’t know what the proper chemical explanation is, but it’s similar to when a wood-cased pencil ends up with a slight curve to it. These are nice and straight, but I’m not sure how they escaped warping. Maybe it has something to do with being exposed to daylight for an extended period, or maybe even humidity…I don’t know.

    The plastic barrels are translucent so you can see inside to a degree. A nice touch is that they have the “characteristic Mongol band” painted at the top and at the tip (though the blue pencil looks like it got by quality control…)

    I have yet to determine the span of time when the arrows were punched from the clamp erasers.


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