The Paper Seahorse

Tucked away in Tampa’s SoHo district is the city’s only independent stationery store, The Paper Seahorse. I went for my first visit today.

The store bills itself as a ‘Paperie and Makerie.’

There was a large selection of items, arranged in several rooms.

One display was devoted to the Traveler’s line, including just about every kind of refill.

(I’ll never be able to see a globe again without thinking of the globe room at Ito-ya in Japan.)

Pens from all of the usual suspects were available, including Kaweco, Lamy, and Faber-Castell.

Plenty of pads and notebooks, including Tomoe River paper, as well as handwriting and calligraphy primers. There were also some hand-turned calligraphy penholders and a large selection of ink.

There is quite a bit for typewriter fans, including a typing/writing bar and supplies. The company has a large stock of typewriters for sale.

The company also hosts workshops on topics such as calligraphy and hand-lettering.

There’s less by way of pencils, vintage or otherwise, but I’ve got plenty already. It’s nice just to see so many items in person that I otherwise have to order by mail—and in Tampa to boot.

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2 Responses to The Paper Seahorse

  1. “Paperie and Makerie”: uh-oh. But the sixth photo was a big reassurance that this store was no disappointment. Ride the Paper Seahorse!


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