The Paper Seahorse

Tucked away in Tampa’s SoHo district is the city’s only independent stationery store, The Paper Seahorse. I went for my first visit today.

The store bills itself as a ‘Paperie and Makerie.’

There was a large selection of items, arranged in several rooms.

One display was devoted to the Traveler’s line, including just about every kind of refill.

(I’ll never be able to see a globe again without thinking of the globe room at Ito-ya in Japan.)

Pens from all of the usual suspects were available, including Kaweco, Lamy, and Faber-Castell.

Plenty of pads and notebooks, including Tomoe River paper, as well as handwriting and calligraphy primers. There were also some hand-turned calligraphy penholders and a large selection of ink.

There is quite a bit for typewriter fans, including a typing/writing bar and supplies. The company has a large stock of typewriters for sale.

The company also hosts workshops on topics such as calligraphy and hand-lettering.

There’s less by way of pencils, vintage or otherwise, but I’ve got plenty already. It’s nice just to see so many items in person that I otherwise have to order by mail—and in Tampa to boot.

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6 Responses to The Paper Seahorse

  1. “Paperie and Makerie”: uh-oh. But the sixth photo was a big reassurance that this store was no disappointment. Ride the Paper Seahorse!


  2. Hello! This is Randy, the “typewriter guy” at the Paper Seahorse, and I just stumbled upon this. Thanks! What a cool ands fabulous blog for pencil -lovers! We actually do have a nice stash of vintage pencils, like several NOS boxes of the Eberhardt Faber 603 (which also have the Blackwing style ferrule.) . We just did not have enough interest from the general public to keep them on the floor. Please let me know the next time you are in and I’d be happy to give you a pencil.




  3. Tyler says:

    Hello! I am in Florida and have a pencil related question for you. I appreciate your time!


  4. Tona Bell says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post, we appreciate the support and you took great photos!


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