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Eberhard Faber Polita

Another surprising use for this long-discontinued eraser-like product: quickly and gently smoothing burrs that may occur on tuning posts.

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Glenn Gould’s 85th Year

Images from an article I wrote for Glenn Gould magazine (Volume 8, No. 1). Glenn Gould would have been 85 years old today. The part of me that recognizes this is the same part that wonders what wonders he had left … Continue reading

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Courante Events

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Befiehl du deine Wege

The Alte Kirche in Stein, built in 1660. My first visit to Stein bei Nürnberg and Faber-Castell was in December of 2012. While visiting the Martin Luther Church (donated by patron Lothar von Faber and erected in 1861), I was told that the … Continue reading

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Basteln mit dem Musikaliker

The title of, and idea for, this post were inspired by stolen from some of my favorite posts at Gunther’s blog; a series called Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker. The nickel plating on the clamp erasers matches the hardware so well, it’s a wonder they’re not … Continue reading

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I first met Count Faber-Castell in December of 2012, as part of a visit to Stein that Faber-Castell had generously arranged. During the second evening about 10 of us or so were gathered in a fine Nürnberg restaurant, not far from … Continue reading

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Chris Squire, 1948-2015

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Glenn Gould, une vie à contretemps.

Artist Sandrine Revel has published a new book: Glenn Gould, une vie à contretemps.  It’s not enough to call it an illustrated biography of Gould; it’s also a performance in and of itself. It’s the evidence of an inward journey, a pursuit … Continue reading

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A.W. Faber’s Graphite de Sibérie de la Mine Alibert

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An Interesting Subject (3)

It’s true of both books of The Well-Tempered Clavier that some preludes don’t quite seem to fit with the fugues they are paired with. For those that do appear connected, or at least bear some kind of family resemblance, the criteria one … Continue reading

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