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Eberhard Faber: Retooling

There’s nothing quite like genuine parts when you’re doing a little refurbishing. These 1282 replacement erasers for the clamp, originally made from the Red Ruby formula, are still surprisingly pliant. They were used for the earlier Blackwing and Van Dyke pencils. Eventually … Continue reading

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“New York’s Own Drink”

From the International Directory of Company Histories, Vol. 24, what follows are some details about Seeman Bros. Inc., of New York, N.Y. There were originally five brothers, who founded their business in 1886 in New York City. Eventually two of the … Continue reading

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Menu Items

The organization of this blog has been updated a little bit: The main menu bar has been updated to include links to posts concerning my two visits to Faber-Castell in Stein. The separate posts of the second visit, called Two (K)nights to Remember: … Continue reading

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Further Cross-Ferrulizing

The Mongol 481 is an un-tipped pencil at birth but is here fitted with a clamp eraser, much like a Van Dyke. The Blackwing has a 1930s-era ferrule from an Eberhard Faber copying pencil. Those lengthy ferrules, once made of ivory, then bone, … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber Mongol Refill Erasers

The Eberhard Faber Co. often stated that their clamp eraser would “outlast the pencil”, but they still saw fit to provide replacement erasers. These small Mongol refill boxes contain three flat, red erasers and one metal clip: The question is whether these … Continue reading

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‘Winging It

Anyone who has searched eBay for vintage pencils knows how daunting it can sometimes be. You could spend a lifetime scrolling through page after page of “pencils” so you add qualifiers to your search, but your results only account for those … Continue reading

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No. 1548

This Eberhard Faber flat pocket pencil has got me wondering something. It’s similar in design to countless other versions made by the company but this one has a clamp eraser, and the patent date for the clamp is embossed on … Continue reading

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War Mongols

These Eberhard Faber Mongols were made in 1944, near the height of U.S. production for the Second World War. Pencils from this time period are often found to have plastic or cardboard ferrules because the metals used in traditional ferrules were vital to the war … Continue reading

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Eberhard Faber Permapoint 182 Mechanical Pencils

Though I agree with each and every word written in Chapter 11 of David Rees’s book, these Permapoint mechanical pencils from Eberhard Faber are an exception, owing to their clamp erasers. The double-ring motif usually found on the ferrules made its way … Continue reading

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Easting and Northing

In contrast to the recent pencil and manuscript paper drought I experienced in Central Europe, some time spent in the American Northeast has made up for it. While in Rochester I paid a visit to Eastman, and its bookstore:   There … Continue reading

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