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Eberhard Faber-Castell (3)

Eberhard Faber IV (center) meeting with the board in 1971 (© Fortune). This wasn’t the first time Eberhard Faber Inc. had experienced difficulty. Leading up to 1971, the company had lost money for three consecutive years and had experienced a twelve-week … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village (Inn)

Service at the local Village Inn is just slow enough to get a little work done. Yes, that is a World War II-era Eberhard Faber Mongol with a plastic ferrule. No, I didn’t bring my own potato peeler, it’s a pencil … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Of Year

Nothing quite says Christmastime like an Eberhard Faber XMAS Mongol 482. Its green and red lead allow you to spread holiday cheer without having to use two separate pencils.

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Eberhard Faber: Red & Blue. And Red. And Blue.

There have been some interesting posts about red & blue pencils lately, such as these posts from Pencils and Other Things, as well as these two posts from Lexikaliker. I don’t have very many examples to share, but here are a few that I … Continue reading

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Art of Pencils: The 1923 Eberhard Faber Catalog

Some examples of color artwork from the 1923 Eberhard Faber Co. catalog:

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Further Cross-Ferrulizing

The Mongol 481 is an un-tipped pencil at birth but is here fitted with a clamp eraser, much like a Van Dyke. The Blackwing has a 1930s-era ferrule from an Eberhard Faber copying pencil. Those lengthy ferrules, once made of ivory, then bone, … Continue reading

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No. 32 (Again)

The Eberhard Faber No. 32 Mongol combination dip pen and pencil. The images are from the company’s 1923 catalog, and drawn at actual size no less. A few more images from the catalog:

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The House That Faber Built

c. 1902 It’s FAY-ber, not FAH-ber. FAY-ber. FAAAY-ber. That’s what I kept saying to myself on a recent rainy afternoon in Wilkes-Barre (BEAR or BERRY, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus), waiting outside of my hotel. I was trying to … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Eberhard Faber IV

In researching American pencil-making I have encountered one overriding consistency: trade-related print sources are mostly inconsistent, especially the early ones. And as with any long story, names, dates, places, and events are told and retold until at best they become nearly impossible … Continue reading

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“A.W. Faber’s New Drawing Pencil”

What does the beginning of a legacy (or perhaps a dynasty) look like? A.W. Faber Polygrade pencils were by all accounts of unprecedented quality and very popular. They eventually gave way to a new range though—the now-familiar “Castell” line of pencils—in … Continue reading

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