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Two Knights to Remember (III): Preserving the Past

Baron Lothar von Faber looms large over Stein, both literally and figuratively. In 1899, this statue of him was erected in front of the town’s Lutheran church (which he himself had erected). This trade notice from 1899 tells of the statue’s dedication: … Continue reading

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Two Knights to Remember (I): Köln to Stein

The journey from Köln to Stein was a pleasant one, though this time the train was packed to the rafters. Wondering why—since my previous train rides were sparsely populated—I learned that the day before was a national holiday: Tag der Deutsche … Continue reading

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Where There’s A Wilkes There’s A Way

Reading and writing materials for a short trip to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, last home of the Eberhard Faber Corporation: For writing, an A.W. Faber Castell waistcoat pencil (c. 1910), Graf von Faber-Castell A4 writing case, pad, and pernambuco fountain pen. For reading … Continue reading

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Frankfurt (1)

It was a little rainy and dreary in Frankfurt but with a day off and the Faber-Castell store only a half-mile’s walk from the hotel, some inclement weather wasn’t going to stop me. Apparently this is one of the flagship stores … Continue reading

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Three Points in Five Points

Waiting for some slices at Little Five Points Pizza in L5P, Georgia, allows for a few moments to jot down some notes. (You can see the restaurant’s exterior in the first photo on the Wikipedia page.) (Thanks to Memm for the Trinity College … Continue reading

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Earliest Mention of the Castell 9000 in North America?

I can’t say with any certainty that this is the first mention of the Castell 9000 in North America, but the way this article from 1908 reads, it’s easy to think so. The only strange thing is that the Castell 9000 … Continue reading

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The Motorist’s Memory

Before there was in-car navigation, there was The Motorist’s Memory by Faber-Castell: a small notepad tucked into a vinyl holder which had a strip of adhesive tape on the back. It’s equal parts high-tech and dowdy™. It also comes with … Continue reading

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Anniversaries (2)

A pewter plate marking the 222nd anniversary of Faber-Castell. Why 222? As Matthias explained on Bleistift it is an example of Schnapszahle, or “repdigits”— a quality that is sometimes favored and emphasized in German-speaking countries. The plate measures approximately 5 … Continue reading

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BBC TV: “Make me a German” (?)

Lots of interesting things to see in a new program that recently aired on BBC TWO called Make me a German (thanks to Matthias for mentioning the show). The premise is this: A married couple from Britain moves with their … Continue reading

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“Faber-Castell Since 1761”

I’ve been looking forward to the publication of this book since I first heard of it, which I believe was in 2010. Originally scheduled to be published in time for Faber-Castell’s 250th anniversary, Faber-Castell Since 1761 was delayed in order … Continue reading

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